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Nietzsche -The Eulogists of Work


 Behind the glorification of “work”
and the tireless talk of the “blessings of work”.
 I find the same thought as behind the praise
of impersonal activity for the public benefit:
the fear of everything individual.
 At bottom, one now feels when confronted
with work -- and what is invariably meant
is relentless industry from early till late -
that such work is the best police,
that it keeps everybody in harness
and powerfully obstructs the development
of reason, of covetousness, of the desire
for independence. For it uses up
a tremendous amount of nervous energy
and takes it away from reflection, brooding,
dreaming, worry, love, and hatred;
it always sets a small goal before one’s eyes
and permits easy and regular satisfactions.
In that way a society in which the members
continually work hard will have more security:
and security is now adored as
the supreme goddess
. and now -- horrors! ---
 it is precisely the “worker” who has
become dangerous.
 Dangerous individuals are swarming all around.
And behind them, the danger of dangers: the individual.


The Internet

Frequently a sad & pitiful side of humanity awaits those
brave enough to travel through these anonymous
virtual walls of the Internet. The immature, brutal
and unbridled bestiality of the dark human heart
awaits you. Shield yourself with strong amour and
arm yourself with a discerning intellect.
Many of these dark-hearts are the festering rejected
people produced by society (you & I).
Rejected due to their less-than-perfect physical attributes,
age or coolness. A viral infection of loneliness and
hopelessness that darkens the mind, heart and
human spirit. Many here are un-kind
or brutal because they have been brutalized and
shown no kindness. We are the world. Our actions,
words and jesters exile certain people from
the whole of humanity every day.
Leave this virtual on-line enclave with a sense
of hope. We can change this world
with the realization that we helped create it!


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