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3815 Wabash Ave
 San Diego, CA.  92104

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Map & Directions to pickup or drop off

3815 Wabash Ave.
619-584-9279, 1 block south of University Ave.
 just east of 805 Exit 
no right turn onto Wabash Ave - one way street

Take 805 to University - North Park EXIT
Stay Right - turn Right at top of EXIT
Right (east) on University Ave.
keep left - merges to one lane

Past North Park car wash - Right turn at traffic light onto Swift
go 1 block to STOP sign - Right turn onto Wightman
Right at first alleyway before blue apartments
turn Right into alley, 10 feet LEFT- side - first parking space
Park, walk up turn left onto sidewalk than right on sidewalk
Last of 3 Apartments (triplex)  #3815