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updated -Wednesday August 07, 2019 

        Buying a new computer .........  consider
    an Intel CPU  with at least 4 - 8 GB memory  

(Samsung) SSD solid state drive for the C: drive

How to Print from  Chromebook    Is Chromebook right for you
Researchers find way to measure blood pressure with a cell phone 30 second video
   But it might not work for all skin tones just yet. (08-07-19)
Robocalls - there’s an entire dirty industry behind them
Android cell phone SPAM

Android - accept phone calls ONLY from contacts
  settings, sounds & notifications, Do Not Disturb, set start and finish time

Best Free, No ads, Android Solitaire Game
Sprint admits its 4G LTE coverage is terrible  
Despite Outrage From Users   
 Microsoft Continues To Install Bloatware/CRAPware Applications Onto Every Windows 10 PC

Great Article - How to Measure and Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength    
  (large house - go mesh)

 Lose / Break your Chromebook today,
sign into a new Chromebook tomorrow, and pick up exactly where you left off —
as if nothing had even happened   
Gaia Sky 2.0.2  allows you to move through the cosmos and descend to the surface
of any planet and even do a close-up inspection of Gaia including its movement
in the sky and its altitude

Gaia is a space observatory of the European Space Agency (ESA)

What is 802.11ax  Wi-Fi
 802.11ax is designed specifically for high-density public environments,
like trains, stadiums and airports. But it also will be beneficial in
Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, in heavy-usage homes,
in apartment buildings and in offices that use
bandwidth-hogging applications like videoconferencing.
How to stop Spam on your Android phone and dump Hiya and other chrome extensions
that are all mostly worthless.   06-07-18

Because Android will always send blocked numbers to your voice mail.
You need to setup a FREE Google voice number ...

 Get a GOOGLE Voice number, now change Android settings for voice mail on your cell phone.
Forward voice and missed calls to your Google number.
Now most Robo and Telemarketers system calls will auto hang up
after detecting a second VoIP and fail to leave a voice message
which you normally have to chase down later and delete ..

Let unknown numbers ring to Google voice number by changing your Android cell phone settings

Google voice will also send a text message of the voice message ..
 to your email address from your contacts.

Wifi at Home - Why a mesh network
Check Alexa history to see what things it recorded   
Microsoft will now Fix -Surface Pro 4 machines that flicker violently    05-18
CRN   How long can Apple ride the brand that Jobs built and demand premium pricing when better
or comparable products are available from the competition for less. 
Example: Why most current anti-virus software is a joke !   

  Coldroot, a remote access trojan (RAT),
is still undetectable by most antivirus engines,
despite being uploaded and freely available
on GitHub for almost two years.

New Wi-Fi standard 802.11ax

 focus is on congested networks,
where it should improve average throughput for each user
by at least four times; this is achieved partly by sending data
to specific devices, rather than flooding an area with signals.
Additionally, 802.11ax will increase network efficiency
and extend the battery life of client devices.                

How Your Apple Wireless Earbuds  Could Double as Hearing Aids   
For real Windows 10 privacy, you need the China Government Edition   
How to enable the iPhone’s new 'magnifying glass'  
 Delete yourself from the internet by pressing this button   
Why AIO (all in one computer) is a bad idea 
How to Disable Your Webcam (and Why You Should)   
Boost Your Creativity by Dimming the Lights
  Research suggests all you have to do to spark your creativity is turn the lights down low.
NFC stands for Near Field Communication & What Can I Use It For?
2 hours exposure to a device with a backlit display causes melatonin suppression,
 .......... may affect sleep in those using the devices prior to bedtime   
Why Touch Screens Will Not Take Over   ' gorilla arm'
 Why personal computers still need the keyboard and mouse, despite Microsoft's best efforts to kill them off
The "Apple Tax" - America's costly obsession
   Americans are shelling out big bucks annually to outfit the entire household with Apple products.
 And they are spending hundreds - if not thousands of dollars - more each year for the unexpected Apple "taxes" -- add-ons
 that lock them into the Apple system: iTunes downloads for music, movies and games, along with subscriptions and accessories.
Learn to Pick Locks for Fun and an Increased Understanding of Security
Three steps to lock down and protect your laptop
Shopping Malls track shopper's cell phone signals to gather marketing data
Useful Sites for Small Business
Nearly all the tools you need to run a small or midsize company are within reach of any Web browser
DeepSurplus Is a One-Stop-Shop for Cheap Cords and Cables
  For example, Apple sells a mini to mini cable for connecting your iPod to your for $24.95.
The same cable can be had for less than a dollar from Deep Surplus.
Ditch the Granny Knot to Tie Your Shoes More Efficiently
  Go ahead, laugh. But there is 50-50 chance that you are not doing it right.
Western movie stars of the 40's and 50's video
Liquid Metal CPU Heatsink Beats Water Cooling
Shaky hands? Mouse adapter promises relief
most comprehensive article on Nuclear Energy to date    02-17
  Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (MSRE)  #nuclear energy  #deadly renewable nuclear energy

(he glossed over the Fukushima problem - no bias here ?? )

  Six Years On, Fukushima’s Cleanup Looks Harder Than Ever    03-17

MIT review - Fukushima The entire cleanup operation is now expected to cost
       as much as $189 billion and run up to 40 years

Fishermen express fury as Fukushima plant set to release more radioactive material into ocean  07-17

 Good News for safe energy with waste that lasts 10,000 years -
   In a major blow to the future of nuclear power in the United States, two South Carolina utilities said on Monday that they would abandon two unfinished nuclear reactors in the state, putting an end to a project that was once expected to showcase advanced nuclear technology but has since been plagued by delays and cost overruns. Another 9 billion bites the dust.  08-17

TerraPower sodium cooled reactor

Thorium salt reactor
Video       a lesson on radiation - unbelievable story

#renewable deadly nuclear polluting energy
Emergency Wilderness Survival - Tech Tips
Cranberry and oregano make seafood safe to eat

Put oregano and cranberries together and you have a potent 
antibacterial agent that could cut the risk of food poisoning from infected seafood
The Secret Service teaches you how to detect counterfeit Currency
Printer Repair Resource     The Definitive Printer Repair Resource.