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How to buy a used computer.      Get the make and model number

  Find out what year this computer model came out.  

Type into a GOOGLE search the computer model and the word review.
Note the date the article was posted, it will be very close to the release of the computer.
( example: Dell Studio 540S, review )


type  appwiz.cpl into START ... run window
 or go to the control panel ... add / remove software
check avg. date of software installations ..  that is propable date computer was built

Find out basic computer information ...  Windows version, 32 or 64 bit, CPU, memory ..

right click mouse on My Computer ... properties

or   hit   Windows LOGO key (bottom left) and pause/break key (top right) keyboard

then do same procedure again ... except right click mouse on    C:    find out size of hard disk

Hard Drives - where all the files are stored
  3 to 4 years plus - on average, back it up
  5 years + - good luck if it boots up the next day 
    ( general guidelines true 98% of time )
Laptops running HOT ... about 3 + years ......

Does the green Microsoft license tag on the side of the
  computer match the Windows installed ? 
If green tag missing - Why ?

  Question to ask: is this a pirate copy of Windows ..
the computer will eventually stop getting Microsoft updates
or be disabled by Microsoft.

Does the current Windows have all the updates ?
If not, it's vulnerable once it connects to the Internet.
A new installation of Windows 7 or 10 would require
3 - 5 hours of Microsoft updates to bring it current.
A Windows installation not up to date is extremely vulnerable
to every form of malware / toolbars / and viruses.

It only takes 2 minutes to open computer cover and check
    for dust clogging the fans
    and check the manuf. date on the hard drive.
( it's a reasonable request to ask )
Segate hard drives have a code that you can type in here ..



A clean installation of Windows will guarantee optimal performance.
Previous virus / malware infestations damage core Window files over time,
A  2 - 3 old Windows installation will have glitches and performance issues.

IF it is a Windows XP computer, stop using the old Explorer 8
and switch to Firefox or Opera browser.
( Microsoft XP users can't upgrade past Explore 8
     which leaves you surfing at great security risk. )

Gamers ...... find out if the computer can run your favorite games

final notes: Memory  (Ram)

      Windows XP ... at least 640 - 1 GB  (with SP 3 installed)
Windows Vista  2 GB - 4 GB
     Windows 7  4 GB - 8 GB  ( 64 bit )
Windows 8  4 GB - 8 GB  (64 bit )
Windows 10  4 GB +


motherboard inspection ... look for capacitors with brown residue on top
                                          or capacitor tops that are bulging ..
( right of center picture - cap with dome )


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